The head of the Board of Directors of “Aeroflot” proposes to transfer the company a number of routes “Transaero”

MOSCOW, October 13. The transfer of “Aeroflot” individual assignments routes Transaero will be the only logical solution for the continuation of flights in these directions. This opinion was expressed by Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aeroflot Kirill Androsov.

Aeroflot took the brunt of the load to carry… all passengers, “Transaero”, and to date we have not seen any social or logistical conflict. We moved all the people “Transaero” and spent a significant amount of money. I think the only logical solution would be the transfer of some routes assignments “Transaero” “Aeroflot” for the continuation of flights in these directions,” he said.

According to Androsova, “Transaero” – “great company, good competitor of “Aeroflot”, but the bet on aggressive growth has led her to tremendous shortage of funds and inability to serve its debt obligations.

The question of what to do next with the routes, “Transaero”, is administered by the Ministry of transport – it can keep the “Transaero”, can submit, can pass them on to other aviation companies, said Androsov.