The state Duma rejected the idea on the procedure to change the constitutional preamble

The state Duma rejected the idea on the procedure to change the constitutional preamble

The preamble may be changed only with the adoption of the new Constitution, as stated previously, in the constitutional Committee of the lower house of Parliament, recommending the state Duma to reject the bill.

MOSCOW, 13 Oct. The state Duma rejected on Tuesday the draft law on the amendment of the preamble to the Constitution to give the opportunity to reflect political changes, “the mood of the people” and “his desire to preserve traditional values”.

The authors of the bill — deputies Yevgeny Fyodorov and Anton Romanov (EP) — said earlier that the document is aimed at addressing the legal gap. “Modern constitutional law, by allowing amendments to all parts of the Constitution, establishing a special procedure for the revision of the provisions of individual chapters and articles, at the same time leaves open the question of the procedure of amendment of the preamble,” said the MPs.

According to them, the preamble is an integral part of the Constitution, which is “not simply a set of political and legal declarations or historical information, and is legally binding and is a kind of contract between people, by which consecrated the Constitution, and the state, acting on behalf of the people.”

Therefore, the deputies proposed amendments to the Federal law “On procedure of adoption and entry into force of amendments to the Constitution”, which will give the opportunity to change its preamble. This will create the legal basis “for changes in the preamble, reflecting the political changes in Russia, reflecting the mood of the people, its desire to preserve traditional values that contribute to cohesion and social solidarity”, according to the authors.

The constitutional Committee of the state Duma had previously suggested the lower house of Parliament to reject this bill, as the preamble cannot be changed in the order of proposals made by the deputies. In particular, the Chairman of the Committee Dmitry Vyatkin noted that the preamble may be changed only with the adoption of the new Constitution.

Now the preamble reads: “We, the multinational people of the Russian Federation, United by a common fate on our land, claiming rights and freedoms, civil peace and accord, preserving the historically established state unity, proceeding from universally acknowledged principles of equality and self-determination of peoples, revering the memory of ancestors, conveyed to us the love and respect for the Fatherland, belief in good and justice, reviving the sovereign statehood of Russia and asserting the firmness of its democratic basis, striving to ensure the well-being and prosperity of Russia, proceeding from responsibility for our Homeland before the present and future generations, recognizing themselves as part of the global community accept the Constitution of the Russian Federation”.