A former Director of the plant “Banner” Soloshenko sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for espionage

MOSCOW, October 14. The Moscow city court sentenced to 6 years of colony of strict regime of the former Director of the Ukrainian defense plant “Banner” Yuri Soloshenko, finding him guilty of espionage.

Due to the fact that the materials of the case contain “classified”, the verdict, and the trial itself was held behind closed doors.

Listeners were announced only introductory and resolutive part of the decision.

Prior to the entry into force of the sentence, 73-year-old Soloshenko will be in jail.

As the interviewer, in the courtroom was also attended by the Consul of Ukraine.

Soloshenko since 2010 retired. He was arrested in the summer of 2014 in Moscow on suspicion of espionage under article 276 of the criminal code.

About the plant “Znamya”

Poltava defense enterprise “Znamya” specialized in the manufacture of electrical equipment for air defence systems.

In 2012 the company passed the procedure of bankruptcy.