Aksenov ready to enter the Boxing ring with Kolomoisky

Aksenov ready to enter the Boxing ring with Kolomoisky

SIMFEROPOL, October 14. /Corr. Elena Bogdanovich/. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov ready to enter the Boxing ring with the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. He said this to journalists at the opening of the Boxing competition in Simferopol.

“With Kolomoisky or something – at any time with opponents (fight). I need to see the opponent is the enemy”, – said Aksenov, answering the question whether you will ever see in the ring himself.

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Previously Aksenov called Kolomoisky among the main enemies of the inhabitants of the Crimea. In particular, because “PrivatBank”, owned by Ukrainian oligarch structures, left from the Peninsula after its accession to the Russian Federation without returning to local residents deposits. Property Kolomoisky on the territory of the Republic was nationalized and is currently sold to settle debts.

This Aksenov stressed that to sort things out with fists – not his method. “For me it is always a matter of principle. If you have something, I am ready to find a relationship with anyone. Fists – that’s not my style, but in the right situation willing to stand up for himself and for others”, – said Aksenov.

The head of Crimea told reporters that in his youth was engaged in Boxing. “I actually trained and studied with Antonyuk Sergei Stepanovich”, – he shared.

XXXVI all-Russian Boxing tournament class “A” in memory of the honored trainer of Ukraine, the double champion of Europe among professionals of Pedro S. N. p. p. Benedicto, was opened in Simferopol today and will last until 17 October.

“For us it is important today that Crimea is a region which conducts national competitions in virtually all sports. In Boxing, many Crimeans claim to getting a team of the Russian Federation, these tournaments give you the opportunity to select the strongest”, – added Aksenov.