Belozerov: RZD for the first time will reach break-even commuter trains in 2015

GORKI, October 14. This year JSC “Russian Railways” for the first time plans to reach break-even of suburban rail in 2016 suitable message will be stable. Such promises gave to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev the head of the company Oleg Belozerov.

The Prime Minister asked how things are going with the “most resonant” problem – the trains. “Regarding commuter traffic this year by now the situation has cardinally changed” – said Belozerov. He promised: “On results of work of 2015, we plan to go

for parameters close to breakeven – this is the first time for all history”. “In 2016 (with commuter), all will be stable”, – said Belozerov.

He also noted that the investment program of JSC “RZD” in 2016 will increase by 30 billion to 432 billion in savings and cost optimization.

“This year the investment program amounts to 392 billion rubles, which allows us to buy 497 locomotives, to build nearly 3 thousand kilometers of paths and additionally reconstruct existing roads,” – said Belozerov. According to him, “while 39 per cent are the costs of these facilities being built on behalf of the President and the government”.

“We have undertaken a number of activities, discussed what we have possible, and in this short period of time found additional sources – about 30 billion rubles”, – reported Belozerov, who succeeded as head of the company Vladimir Yakunin this summer. He said that “found” the funds will be included in the investment program of RZD by 2016.