Air Berlin can go back to Russia with the restoration of demand

MOSCOW, October 15. The second largest German airline Air Berlin, who has decided due to low demand to leave Russia, might come back in case of restore needs of passengers in transportation. This was reported by the regional Manager of Air Berlin in Russia, Yulia Vorotnikova.

“Serious decline”

“In the summer of loading was very good. But now there was a serious decline. It was therefore decided to cease operations in Russia. But that doesn’t mean that we’re leaving forever. If demand is stable, we consider our return,” said she.

According to the representative of the airline, November 9, closes the route Dusseldorf-Moscow, 10 January the Kaliningrad-Berlin, the last flight between Berlin and Moscow will be performed on January 18.

In Russian cities, the airline performed weekly flights 32.

“After closing all passengers on flights with Air Berlin tickets will be delivered by the partners wishing will refund the money,” summed up Vorotnikova.