Gorbachev: the world lost the control over global security

Gorbachev: the world lost the control over global security

MOSCOW, October 15. In the modern world lost the control over global security, which can not but cause concern. This opinion was expressed in an interview former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who 25 years ago became the laureate of the Nobel peace prize.

“We need to keep it, and we, in my opinion, miss the control of the world, control over weapons, control over all those, what is security,” said Gorbachev.

He also stressed the need and importance of the existence of the Nobel peace prize. “The fact that there is such an award, and it has been discussed, solved, prepared quite seriously, is important. I think this is maybe something that should be not only preserved, but also, if possible, something enhanced, expanded, because it lacks”, – says the former President of the USSR.

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To assess the holders of the Nobel peace prize in recent years Gorbachev refused, arguing that the winner of the “we need to find, and not to invent”. “There are people who really have done much, and in all spheres, which, somehow, affect policy,” he explained. However, according to Gorbachev, in the matter of the award is necessary, first of all, to talk about making “decisions that affect our global world.” Therefore, he said, the choice of the winner should be “a very serious decision that would impact on the whole field”.

15 October 1990 the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the peace prize to Gorbachev “for his leading role in the peace process”. “In recent years in relations between East and West occurred significant changes. Confrontation has been replaced by negotiations. Old European States have regained the freedom. The pace of the arms race is slowing, and we see unconditional and active progress towards arms control and disarmament. A number of regional conflicts are resolved or at least close to being resolved. The UN begins to play the role that she originally played in an international community ruled by law”, – was stated in the statement of the Committee. Noting that “these historic changes caused by a number of factors”, the Nobel Committee decided “to pay tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev defines the contribution that it has in many cases contributed to these processes”.

The peace prize, often called the most prestigious of the awards, named after the famous scientist, according to the will of Alfred Nobel, is awarded “to the person who achieved the greatest success or done more than others in unity of peoples and reduce the number of existing armies and for the holding of peace congresses and to attract the attention”. However, in recent years the wording more than a century ago construed widely enough. This year she was awarded the Quartet of the national dialogue in Tunisia for “a decisive contribution to the construction of pluralistic democracy” in Tunisia.