Medvedev has formulated the tasks of the EP for the next year and on elections in the state Duma

Medvedev has formulated the tasks of the EP for the next year and on elections in the state Duma

The party “United Russia” on Thursday held a joint meeting of the higher and General party councils, the key issue at which was the adoption of the strategy in the Duma elections of 2016 and adoption of the draft provisions on the conduct of the primaries.

MOSCOW, 15 Oct. The Prime Minister, leader of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the General and higher party councils on Thursday formulated the plans EP for the term remaining until the next Duma elections, and defined the tasks directly on the election campaign, although the decision about who will head the party list, yet.

Medvedev gave United Russia the installation of not just to perform well in the elections, but also to win the trust of the Russians, and declared that the party’s policy for the coming year must take into account the existing situation and a high degree of responsibility for each party its decision and the promise.

The leader of the EP called on to do everything for maximal fair elections, has warned about inadmissibility of use of the resource by the party for personal purposes and recalled the need to respect party discipline.

A year before the election

Medvedev said that the EP should not only participate in elections to the state Duma in 2016, not only to win in a specific constituency, but primarily to earn the trust of Russians — only this will guarantee victory.

“Now in the conditions of instability in international markets is enormous and, frankly, unfair international pressure on our country, the party and electoral space for maneuver is reduced, and responsibility for our every decision and our every promise becomes immeasurably higher”, — said Putin, speaking at the meeting.

It is on this basis, it is necessary to develop policy actions of the party in this election year, he added. In addition, the party in power must do everything to the maximum holding of fair and transparent elections, Medvedev said.

“It’s just in our best interest. We may be the only party that is able to defeat most transparent, most honest”, he said.

According to him, special attention will be paid to the formation of the corps of observers, as well as the readiness of the demonstrators to prevent possible violations. The leader of the party said that the EP should act very gracefully, but firmly, because of the weak political power, nobody respects you.

“I said we should be correct. I insist on it. But this does not mean that we should let the drooling in affection, to cuddle with everyone and say “Oh how good you are, but we do it better, so vote for us”. We must be firm. Who generally demonstrates strength? The one who speaks calmly, even quietly sometimes. Then it is perceived correctly”, — said Medvedev.

As reported, in turn, the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov, the decision about who will head the list “an United Russia” on elections in the state Duma in 2016, not yet.

“The decision will be made at the Congress, which will be put forward the relevant lists,” said Neverov, answering the question whether the decision about who will head the list “an United Russia” on elections to the State Duma, and will it be the party leader, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

About discipline and the cause of the errors

Medvedev believes that the causes of the defeat of the “United Russia” in several regions lie in the “basic compliance with the party discipline”.

He is convinced that the mistakes of previous election campaigns is not fatal, and they will be counted in the upcoming election.

“Then, how did the post-election situation in Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and the way elections were held in Irkutsk, is an important lessons, nothing critical, but it is important lessons to learn”, he stressed, adding that the first phase of the party Congress, scheduled for February, we must draw all the necessary conclusions.

Medvedev at the joint meeting warned about inadmissibility of use of the resource by United Russia for personal purposes.

“There is a party discipline, which has not been canceled. This highlights the weak position of the regional offices, to do more, including, by the way, and in the Irkutsk region. I want to warn all regional and local leaders to accept this situation is unacceptable,” he said.

In the second round of elections of the Governor of the Irkutsk region the candidate from “United Russia” Sergei Eroschenko, who headed the region in the past 3.5 years, defeated Communist Sergey Levchenko. According to official data of the election Commission, the total turnout was 37,22%, Levchenko scored 56,39% of the vote, while his opponent, United Russia Eroschenko — 41,46% of the vote.

To debate — is necessary, with a criminal record is undesirable

The leader of the party is convinced that the candidate from “United Russia” must participate in the debates during the primaries.

“Candidates must engage in debates. To have its position and be able to defend it. So I would like to say that the refusal to participate in debates in our preliminary polls, the primaries, is very often a big mistake that leads to defeat,” — said Medvedev.

He added that the candidates of the EP should be ready for the negativity during campaigns. According to him, if EP wants to support the candidate, we need to support him during the primaries, and no Treaty lists cannot be and speeches.

With regard to the participation in elections of candidates with previous conviction, Medvedev noted that from a legal point of view this is true, but we must not lose sight of the ethical component of the issue, which can be evaluated quite differently by people when voting.

“We want to win. Yes, legal claims to the person from whom the fact was, no no. The state considers it to be absolutely reinstated. But people will be treated? We understand that this will create tension,” Medvedev said.

He added that in this regard there is an ethical moment, which party has the right to deliver, although it is a kind of high standards to the candidates. In terms of foreign assets, the Prime Minister said that during the election campaign do not need to give any chances to his opponents to make accusations.