Medvedev: no “Treaty” in United Russia at the Duma elections will not be

MOSCOW, October 15. No “Treaty” in United Russia at the Duma elections in 2016 will not, all candidates will have to gain the trust in the primaries.

This was stated by head of the party of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a joint meeting of the Supreme and General councils of United Russia.

“No “Treaty” in the regions. Disregard for the trust of voters when party lists are not the same candidates who were not trusted – it’s not that it’s bad. It just leads to defeat”, – said Medvedev.

“During the last campaign there were attempts to rewrite the results of the preliminary vote is wrong,” he said.

The situation when someone wants “someone to help, someone to support”, the Premier called normal. “But if you want someone to support, then we must help him to win the trust during the primaries, so that man is good, understood not only you, but also the voters,” – said the head of the party.

Another way to get in the election lists, according to Medvedev, will not. “Candidates must engage in debates and be able to defend its position”, he concluded.

Medvedev also said that the primaries of “United Russia” will be held on may 22, they must participate all applicants who intend to enter the electoral lists in the Duma campaign.

He noted that the document on the order of primaries should be passed at Congress in February. “In the spring, our party will hold open a large-scale selection in the list, – said Medvedev. For the first time voting will take place across the country in one day, may 22”.

“Participation in this process should be mandatory for our candidate,” said the head of “United Russia”.


Medvedev also reminded that the responsibility for every promise of “United Russia” in the current economic conditions becomes higher.

“We all understand that the victory is not easily given, especially in the current economic conditions. Of course, winning elections is easier when oil prices rise when the economy expands,” said Medvedev. According to him, now, in conditions of instability in international markets and “a tremendous, frankly, unfair foreign pressures on our country”, the space for electoral maneuvers is reduced.

“And responsibility for our every decision and our every promise becomes immeasurably higher”, – said the leader of the party.

The prohibition for the conviction and foreign assets

The Prime Minister also supported a ban on participation in party primaries before the Duma elections in 2016 citizens with a previous conviction, and also having foreign assets.

He noted that legal persons with previous conviction absolutely clean. “But this is only from a legal point of view, – said Medvedev at the meeting of the Higher and General party councils. – There are moral things that people can be judged quite differently when deciding for whom to vote”.

“We want to win, – continued the head of “United Russia”. We all understand that this (a suppressed criminal record) will generate a known voltage”.

Similarly, Medvedev supported the proposed ban on foreign assets of participants in the primaries. “We cannot give our opponents no chance Kaie be reproached,” said he.

“It is a matter of choice: want to have – have, nothing wrong, be a happy owner. Want the policy to do – will have to dispose of this asset”, – said the leader of United Russia. “I think it’s okay,” he concluded.

To use the resource of United Russia for private purposes is unacceptable

The Prime Minister also noted that to use the resource of United Russia for private purposes is unacceptable.

He stressed that “United Russia” – it is really the people’s party, which is supported by the majority of citizens of the Russian Federation. United Russia is a political resource of the President, United Russia is the party that actually formed the Executive power in the country, the government of the Russian Federation”, – said Medvedev. “Therefore, to use the resource and the reputation of “United Russia” in personal interests is unacceptable,” he stressed and called to account for all the mistakes that have been made party in the previous election.

Open elections

Dmitry Medvedev also pointed out that United Russia needs to have a body of observers and to make elections to the state Duma in 2016 were as transparently and honestly.

United Russia must do everything to ensure the election is as fair and transparent, it’s just in our interests,” he said at a joint meeting of the Supreme and General councils of United Russia. Medvedev is sure that EP, “maybe the only party that the way to win most transparent, most honest”.

“The party must be prepared to prevent irregularities and fraud from any party,” said leader of United Russia. “Therefore, special attention is paid to the formation of the corps of party observers, their training, training, training”, he added.