Roskomnadzor: rumors about the exercise off Russia from the Internet “nonsense”

MOSCOW, 15 Oct. Roskomnadzor disproved information in mass media about allegedly conducted in the spring of Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of communications of the experiment on the modeling of off Russia from the Internet.

That was conducted in the spring of this experiment, earlier on Wednesday, media reported with reference to the words of the General Director “AYR-a Telecom” and the Vice President Media and communications Union (ISS) Andrey Semerikova.

Press Secretary roskomnadzora Vadim Ampelonskiy in your account in Facebook named this information “delirium.” “About the so-called “experiment of Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of communications on modeling of off Russia from the foreign Internet”. I don’t want to refute someone else’s nonsense. I don’t know who got it wrong. I’ll just call a spade a spade. This “news” is nonsense,” wrote Ampelonskiy.

He said that in March “ER-Telecom” your equipment was made of the action, simulating the overlap of the main international transmission channel data M9. “The goal was to assess the stability of the provision of services to provide Internet access to subscribers of the operator in the Perm Krai”, — said the representative office.

“Roskomnadzor has no relation to these actions and not aware of their results. Regarding information about the presence of communications equipment in-depth analysis of traffic, this is not and can not be, because it’s illegal,” — said Ampelonskiy.

According to Semerikova, which refer to the media during the experiment Roskomnadzor allegedly sent to dispatch stations of large operators to block traffic with those or other foreign main channels, and they were able to do it. However, the traffic still went abroad for unknown routes through small (“gray”) providers do not have systems in-depth analysis of traffic (DPI) and the activities of which are poorly controlled by the state.