Selected investors with rehabilitation of Investtradebank, UNIVERSITY Bank, and VOKBANK

MOSCOW, 15 Oct. The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) according to the results of competitive selection of investors chose when sanitizing Investtradebank, VUZ-Bank and VOKBANK, is spoken in the message of the CBR.

The Bank of Russia approved amendments to the plans of the DIA in the implementation of measures on prevention of bankruptcy of these banks. “The Agency carried out a competitive selection of investors to participate in the activities on prevention of bankruptcy of credit organizations, the winners of which are recognized by banks, which offered the best conditions of financing of measures on their financial rehabilitation”, — stated in the message of the Central Bank.

So, by results of selection of investor Investtradebank selected Transcapitalbank, investor UNIVERSITY-Bank group “life” — the Ural Bank of reconstruction and development, investor Vocbank — Troika-D Bank.

Implementation of measures on prevention of bankruptcy of banks aimed at bringing their activities into compliance with the established by the Bank of Russia requirements for financial stability of credit institutions, says the Central Bank.