Sherpa of the Russian Federation in G20: leaders summit at the summit will agree on a statement against terrorism

ANKARA, 15 October. /Corr. Kirill Zharov/. The leaders of the G20 economic summit will discuss issues of combating terrorism and solutions to the problem of refugees.

About it in conversation with the correspondent. said the representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Group of twenty Svetlana Lukash at the end of the meeting, the G20 Sherpas in Ankara.

“Turkey, as chair of the G20 have introduced some innovations. This year at the summit of the group of twenty, which is exclusively economic and financial format, there will be a separate meeting of leaders on issues of terrorism and the refugee crisis. In the current situation these issues cannot be ignored, despite the fact that the work “twenty” focused exclusively on the economy,” she said.

Lukasz explained that the issues leaders will discuss at the working dinner. “Likely to be agreed either with the statement or paragraph in the final communiqué reflecting the discussion leaders on these issues,” – said the Russian representative.

According to Lucas, “many partners, especially in Europe, are concerned about the high financial burden that they bear in view of increased migration flows”. “Inside the G20 there are opinions that the current resources of international organizations are insufficient to provide timely and adequate humanitarian assistance and other forms of assistance to refugees. I do not exclude that the question on necessity of replenishing the funds can be raised at the summit,” she said.

The recent terrorist attack in Ankara and the spread of terrorism in Eastern Turkey, according to Lukash, will not stop work on the preparation of the summit and leaders meeting. “In the history of the “twenty” were such a situation, when a similar event was preceded by a meeting of leaders or Ministers. But it didn’t cancel the summit,” said Lukas.

Discussion climate agreement

Based on the work of the summit, G20 leaders will form the theme of sustainable growth, investment, new climate agreement, said Lucas. “The first discussion leaders at the November summit will focus on development and climate change. In addition, the work of the G20 will fall and “sustainable development”, approved at a recent anniversary the UN General Assembly,” he said.

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According to her, over a year on the global stage and in the G20 is serious discussion of the topic of climate change.

“In December in Paris will host the conference which is planned to agree on a new legally binding agreement among all countries on this issue. It would practically replace the Kyoto Protocol. However, the negotiations on climate issues, as usual, go hard, because such arrangements in the future involve significant financial investments,” said Sherpa.

Discussion of problems in the field of international trade

“International trade is another acute problem. There are more regional trade agreements, for example, recently reached agreement on a TRANS-Pacific partnership. This weakens the multilateral trading system”, said Lukas.

The Russian representative explained that “on the one hand, these agreements allow countries to pursue such agreements, which are still unattainable in the WTO”.

“But on the other hand, this leads to the creation of blocks in which other market participants may be difficult to enter. This theme will also become one of the key at the G20 summit in November,” she said.

Emerging economies remain the main engine of global economic growth

China, India and other emerging economies remain the engine of global economic growth, said Lukas. “Based on the IMF forecasts, now, there is still not skeptical, but cautious attitude to the prospects of global economic growth. But the participants of the “twenty” note that there is a positive process that allows to hope for the best. In particular, restored the situation on the Chinese financial markets. And although the “new normal” for China became the seven percent growth, still the country remains the key driver for the world economy”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

She noted that “hopes for the recovery of the global economy are also associated with acceleration of growth of the Indian economy”. “This country is now in the lead, after China, in the economic dynamics among BRICS countries. And in General, developing countries remain the engine of economic growth globally. It is also noted that the situation in the developed countries began to change for the better,” said Lukas.

In her words, “the current state of the U.S. economy, Japan and several European countries allows to hope for at least modest growth” in global economic arena.

New growth strategy of the Russian Federation

Lukash also noted that Russia, like other members of the G20, implemented by the “new growth strategy and intends to implement it”.

“Russia has always fully and constructively in the work of the “twenty”. Despite certain budgetary constraints, we continued implementation of several infrastructure projects, including road construction and pipeline transport, taking into account, including the agreement with the Chinese side. It’s all built into our investment strategy, which all the countries of “twenty” have committed to develop to the summit in Antalya”, – she said.

Speaking about the innovations introduced in this year’s Turkey in the work of the G20, Lukas noted the establishment of a “women’s summit”, the inclusion in the agenda of active discussions of measures of development of small and medium business, the emphasis on cooperation with developing countries with low income. “However, one of the priorities of presidency of Turkey, the investment was included in the agenda in 2013, when the chair was Russia. He was then adopted and the action plan of the group of twenty for combating tax base erosion and tax avoidance, which has been successfully implemented this year. This is the meaning of the work “twenty” – that each new President had the opportunity to use the existing achievements and the achievements of their predecessors and develop them. The work in this format is a very important continuity,” said she.

With regard to the possible politicization of the attitude of G20 members towards Russia on the background of what is happening in Syria or Ukraine, Lukas noted that “twenty” “in the current situation is purely economic format”. “The differences that could be in the “g” is impossible in the “twenty”. The positions of the participants is not politicized, perhaps because they realize the importance of effective cooperation and result-oriented,” said Sherpa.

The G20 summit this year will be held under the chairmanship of Turkey in Antalya.