The Ministry of defence: the contract of the Russian Federation and the USA about flying over Syria will be the starting point of cooperation

BEIJING, October 17. /Corr. Roman Balandin/. The signing between Russia and the United States of the Memorandum on the safety of flights over Syria could be a starting point for further cooperation. On Saturday on the sidelines of the VI Tanshanskogo security forum said in a conversation with a coterie of journalists the Deputy Minister of defense Anatoly Antonov.

“I think the mere fact of joint work on this document positive, especially between the defense ministries. Therefore, we believe the document that we develop, and I think that in the near future we will finish work on it, it will be a good document,” he said. “If you want, in the current context it’s sort of starting point for a possible expansion of interaction”, – said the Deputy head of the Russian defense Ministry.

“We have repeatedly said, we must put aside the ambitions, sit down and talk about the real problems of international and regional security, – said Antonov. – They affect, of course, the interests of both Russia and the United States.”

“In this document we work very quickly, it started about ten days ago. We conduct teleconferences on the expert level, I would say, on a General level,” he said. “In principle all the key issues agreed upon. Today require only a while for the technical design of the document”, – concluded the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation.