Matvienko urged to honestly and openly talk about political reasons for mass migration

GENEVA, 18 October. The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko on Sunday during a meeting with Director General of the International organization for migration William Swing called for honest and open to talk about the political causes that led to mass migration from the Middle East and North Africa.

The head of the Federation Council considers that, on the issue of migration should be analysed. “We must honestly and openly, analyzing the reasons to speak about the political causes that led the people of the Middle East and North Africa in this massive movement,” she said, stressing that people are fleeing “from those atrocities carried out by terrorists.”

The speaker also noted that Russia had warned its partners about the danger of intervention in sovereign States ‘ Affairs and imposing certain political models. “Unfortunately, we were not heeded, and we see what it led to in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen,” – said Matvienko. She also called for the establishment of humane conditions for refugees, citing the example of Russia in case of the reception of refugees from Ukraine. “We’re not shouting guard, has not appealed to the international community”, – said the head of the Federation Council, adding that Ukrainian refugees in Russia receive social and medical services.