Medvedev: amount of cumulative investments of the participating countries, FIAS has close to $130 billion

GORKI, October 19. The total volume of investments of the countries participating in the Consultative Council for foreign investments (FIAC) in Russia was $130 billion.

“I would like to note that the total volume of accumulated direct investments by the companies of the countries included in the Advisory Council, is increasing despite the current problems and approaching $130 billion,” – said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the Council.

According to him, these figures indicate that the interest of foreign companies on the Russian market, expanding their positions.

The Prime Minister added that the recommendations that formulate the companies-participants of the Council, to help advance the creation of a favourable business environment in the Russian Federation. “Many interesting ideas were born here, right here in this room, our discussions. I hope that this time it will be”, – said Medvedev in the beginning of the meeting.

The Prime Minister also said that one of the key tasks of the Russian government is the resumption of economic growth in the country, but without further improving the investment climate the development of relations with foreign businesses, including major companies, is not sustainable.