Russian Railways adopted a decision not to increase the number of “Peregrine” on the Moscow – Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG, October 19. /Corr. Svetlana Afonina, Roman Podervyansky/. The number of high-speed trains “Sapsan” on the route Moscow – St. Petersburg will grow as availability of regions, said on Monday Vice-President of Russian Railways Anatoly Meshcheryakov in St. Petersburg at the XIV all-Russian forum “Strategic planning in regions and cities of Russia: space of choice and choice of space.”

“All (train) currently running until a decision was made not to increase the number of “Peregrine” on the route Moscow – St.-Petersburg. Running more high-speed trains (such as “Swallow” – approx. correspondent.) on the route Moscow – Tver and Moscow – Krukovo, said Meshcheryakov, answering the question of the interviewer.. For a little more than two weeks, since the beginning of October, they show good results. The increase in passenger traffic on these trains was more than 30%”.

Speaking about the further development of the project of high-speed communication, the interlocutor said that the Railways would take into account two aspects. “On the one hand, that full coherence with the development plans of the regions, including construction of viaducts and other facilities in places of crossing with the railroad. On the other hand, it is, of course, that the interests of passengers and passenger flows in different regions. We have no such that it is postponed indefinitely. It depends on actual results (demand) and reconcile our position with the regions”, – noted Vice – the President of the Russian Railways .

“The term “clock movement” I would not used now, it is quite disputable, – noted Vice-the President of the Russian Railways. – I would say that as soon as the interests of regions in the framework of this project will be agreed, we will move on to the subsequent stage. So this might not related to 2018 (when Russia will host the competitions of world Cup – approx. Corr.), or any other. Currently more actively considered, how will be solved these problems”.

At this point on the route between Moscow and St. Petersburg will run nine “Peregrine”. Since October 1, the monopolist planned to increase their number, but it was opposed by the authorities of St. Petersburg. During the movement of trains through the Kolpinsky district no road overpasses, and the administration estimates that, starting the clock movement “Peregrine” actually would paralyze traffic flow in Kolpino.