The CPS reminded the passengers of the right to compensation

The CPS reminded the passengers of the right to compensation

The Department stated that due to failure to meet conditions of the contract of sale of the product by the tour operator due to the inability of Transaero airlines to transport tourists are entitled to damages and compensation for moral damages.

MOSCOW, 19 Oct. The CPS in relation to issues affecting some of the Russian tour operators due to the inability Transaero to carry in full, reminds the tourists about their right to damages.

“Among them (rights — ed.) is the tourist’s right to damages and compensation for moral damages in case of default of the contract about realization of tourist product tour operator or travel agent”, — stated in the message Agency, published on the website on Monday.

The CPS reminds us that if the tour operator does not represent tourists who have paid the contract in full, confirming the provision of any services included in the tour (tickets or a voucher for hotel accommodation), tourist can claim a refund for the entire contract in full without penalty.

The largest Russian privately owned airline Transaero has been unable to service debts, which form together with the leasing obligations of about 250 billion rubles. Approved in September the government plan for the transfer of 75% of actions “Transaero” state “Aeroflot” for the subsequent rehabilitation took off. The creditors are considering the option of bankruptcy of the airline.

In the CPS the “hot line” for tourists, where they can obrashatsa for further clarification: 8-800-100-00-04.