The MAYOR: the strategy of development of the Russian Federation it is necessary to find the proportion “between the tanks and oil”

ST. PETERSBURG, October 19. /Corr. Svetlana Afonina, Roman Podervyansky/. In the long-term development strategy of Russia need to find the proportion “between the tanks and oil”: the balance between security and socio-economic development. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister of economic development of RF Oleg Fomichev in St. Petersburg at the XIV all-Russian forum “Strategic planning in Russian regions: the area of choice and choice of space.”

“Foundations of economic theory we are told that in real life “between tanks and oil” always have a choice and there is a certain proportion. Unfortunately, this proportion is still not trying to look for,” he said.

“We have strategic planning in the field of security and socio-economic development were constructed relatively independently from each other. It is, in fact, led to the fact that strategic planning in the sphere of socio-economic development suffered greatly, because it was and is being rendered is visible especially now, is a very serious impact all the challenges that are associated with national security and defence. On the other hand, national security and defence, when it is scheduled without consideration of the links with socio-economic development, insufficient and does not allow the country to balance on a long-term perspective”, – noted the Deputy Minister.

“Now the situation is very complicated in the sense that there is not enough money. There was a shortage before, but whereas previously they simply did not have enough, but now they are very, very lacking. And if before 2008 and the post-crisis budgetary funds allowed relatively free to implement a large number of directions in policy, it is now clear that in such budgetary constraints, as it is now, we are without a system of strategic planning will not be able to achieve the priorities facing the Russian Federation”, – said Fomichev.

“The image of Russia to 2020, which is written (in the long-term development concept of the Russian Federation up to 2020 approx.), definitely attractive, but now in the form of unattainable,” he said. “Moreover, the situation has changed outwardly so that’s probably the way (Russia) little needs to change,” he continued.

According to the Deputy head of the MEP, the “may” decrees of the President of the Russian Federation highlighted a number of priorities. In some modern strategic documents “constantly, already the second or third year, according to our feelings, long-term objectives are sacrificed to short-term”. “We are no longer under the current policy focus on making the decisions that will ensure our long-term development”, – said Fomichev.