Vice-Premier of the Crimea: the country will get rid of the dependence on Ukraine by the summer of 2016

Vice-Premier of the Crimea: the country will get rid of the dependence on Ukraine by the summer of 2016

MOSCOW, October 19. The problem of Crimea’s dependence on energy systems of Ukraine will be solved by summer 2016, promised the Vice-Premier of RT government Ruslan Balbec.

After delivery of the first phase of the power bridge from Krasnodar Krai to the Crimea in December this year, the Peninsula will start to get from mainland Russia about 300-400 megawatts of electricity, said the Balbec on the TV channel “Russia-24”. “And in the summer of 2016 we fully cover all the needs of the Crimea, receiving 850 megawatts,” he added.

According to him, in the event of termination of electricity supply to Crimea from Ukraine, “raising all of their capacity, we will be able to cover 70-80% of the needs of the Peninsula in eletroenergii, and the remaining 20-30%, click on the chart fan connection”.

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Currently, the Crimea receives flow from Ukraine is approximately 850 megawatts of electricity per day. It provides about 80% of the needs of the Peninsula.

Concrete developments from the Kuban

The supply of electricity in the Crimea through the Kerch Strait will be about 800 MW per day by the summer of 2016, announced in June the Minister of fuel and energy of Crimea Sergey Egorov.

Concrete developments from the Krasnodar territory will consist of four lines. The first deliveries will begin at the end of this year.

“There is a direct order of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in December 2015 350 MW should be running to the Crimea. Most likely it will be one or two lines. One will definitely go on the Reed-Burunsky substation, there will be divorce on the territory of Crimea. By the summer of 2016 will be 800 MW, that is, all four lines will be put into operation”, – he said.

In the amount of concrete developments and on-site generation will give thousands of 1.75 MW per day, while the current consumption of 850 MW. “And even during peak consumption in winter in 1.2 thousand MW we fit in. I think with the active development any difficulties you had, we stock about 30%,” – said the Minister.

The Power System Of The Crimea

The Crimean Peninsula is a net energy deficit, importing more than 80% of the consumed electricity from Ukraine via the network of transmission lines voltage 220/330 kV through the isthmus of Perekop and the Chongar Peninsula. Almost 20% of Crimea provides its own energy requirements, the production of which involved several companies.

The energy system of Crimea


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