Churkin: UK, US and France had usurped key positions in the UN

Churkin: UK, US and France had usurped key positions in the UN

UN, 20 October. /Corr. Oleg Zelenin/. USA abuse situation of the country hosting the UN, along with Britain and France “virtually usurped” key positions in the world body. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday by the permanent representative of the Russian Federation at the world organization Vitaly Churkin, calling for a “democratization of work of the Secretariat” of the UN.

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“It is impossible to consider normal a situation where three key positions – the Vice-Secretary-General for peacekeeping, political and humanitarian issues – in fact usurped the three countries. Are convinced that to maintain the effectiveness and legitimacy of the work of the Secretariat with the necessary rotation of these and certain other higher posts in the Secretariat among all the member States of the UN. It is important to make the process more transparent,” the diplomat said.

In recent years the post of Secretary General for peacekeeping operations is traditionally the representative of France (now Herve Ladsous), political Affairs officer – United States (Jeffrey Feltman) and the Deputy Secretary General for humanitarian Affairs given by the British representatives. Now this post is a former member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom Stephen O’brien, a few months ago who replaced her compatriot Valerie Amos.

The excitement around the election of the Secretary General

However, a number of Western countries and influential media prefer not to pay attention to this situation, instead pedalera the topic of reforming the electoral process the UN Secretary General, which will be held in 2016. There are calls to make this process more “openness”. Under existing rules, a candidate for the post of administrative head of the organization approved by the General Assembly after it has been approved by the security Council behind closed doors. In addition, there are calls to give preference to women applicants for the position.


As noted by Vitaly Churkin, in recent months around the selection and appointment of the new Secretary General of “forced excitement”, and the discussion, he said, “sometimes goes on minor and technical aspects”. “Prior to the expiration of the term of office of the incumbent head of the Secretariat remains more than a year, however, a number of delegations requires to start the election now. We believe that there is no practical value other than “set points” for those who promote these initiatives”, – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

Willfulness USA

The UN security Council today held an annual debate during which it discussed its working methods. Russia’s permanent representative warned that “the only purpose of the” if converted, should be to enhance the Council’s effectiveness and efficiency in addressing the objectives of maintaining international peace and security.

Churkin also criticized the U.S., which, according to him, abusing the situation of the country hosting the world organization. He drew attention to the case when Washington was invited to the event at the UN the representatives of Kosovo, but in other cases repaired “visa barriers” arrival in new York by the delegations of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Demand an end to such arbitrariness,” he said.

He noted that Russia supports increased coordination between the UN security Council and “a wide range of member States”, as well as those who are “within its jurisdiction may submit to the Council for important decision making information”. Russia’s permanent representative recalled that for this there are appropriate mechanisms, including informal meetings in so-called “Arria formula”.

“However, in recent years, unfortunately, is attached to use these meetings to conduct “propaganda show” when referring to the Security Council of certain delegations are promoting their own unilateral positions,” – said Churkin. He drew attention to the fact that the costs of conducting such meetings “will be covered from the UN regular budget”. “We are all contributors to the budget, paid foreign policy actions of individual States,” concluded the permanent representative of the Russian Federation, calling the situation unacceptable.

The Russian Federation against the discussion in the security development

Vitaly Churkin also spoke out against holding next month in the UN security Council under the chairmanship of the United Kingdom meeting on the theme approved by the General Assembly in September on the agenda in global development. According to him, “this is not the case SAT”, in addition, the discussion proposed to be held in the months before the development plan is brought into force. “Can’t support such an initiative in the security Council, seriously undermine the statutory prerogatives of the General Assembly and the Economic and social Council of the UN,” – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

He was critical and in General about the practice of organizing the Council meetings on abstract topics, which are attended by up to 100 countries. “In those days, the General Assembly simply moved to the Council chamber. Isn’t it better to conduct such discussions in the General Assembly hall, where all will be equal?”, – suggested by Churkin.

According to him, “tug” at the UN security Council the issues dealt with by HA “takes the Council and its members from fulfilling their duties”, a distraction from concentration on specific countries and issues “on which it can and must take urgent and concrete solutions”.

A similar position was expressed by the permanent representative of China Liu Jieyi, who stressed that the security Council “should concentrate its efforts on matters of international peace and security” and not duplicate the functions of other UN agencies.

The veto helps to achieve consensus

During a 10-minute speech, Vitaly Churkin, has touched on another hot topic, consistently raised during the discussion of the activities of the security Council – the veto, for the abolition or restriction of calling many countries. “The veto is one of the key provisions of the Charter, encouraging Council members to achieve consensus,” the diplomat said.

He admitted that he understands “why to undermine the right of “veto” seek those who can count on an arithmetic majority in the Council.” “It is unclear why the veto is sometimes criticized by the representatives of those countries and regions that in the absence of the veto would have been under the strong pressing of the famous group of States. Dear colleagues, think about their national interests,” permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

At the debate in the SA limiting the veto was raised mainly in the context of Russia’s actions, which in recent years has blocked the adoption of several controversial resolutions on Syria and Ukraine. However, the permanent representative of Venezuela Rafael Ramirez reminded the audience that the threat of the veto USA today is actually “puts an end” to all the attempts of Palestine to become a full member of the UN.