“K – Telecom” 3G and LTE in Simferopol will start in November

SIMFEROPOL, October 20. /Corr. Alexey Konovalov/. Only in Crimea the mobile operator “K – Telecom” (brand WIN mobile) ready to launch in November in Simferopol the third (3G) and fourth (LTE) generations, said the head of the company Vladimir Zaitsev.

“Until 31 October we are expecting delivery of the equipment and begin the installation in Simferopol. To date, we have trained 84 position (out of 220 in Simferopol and area) to install the most modern equipment that will allow us to provide the connection of 3G and LTE. Planned period of 10-15 November, by which time we will launch 50-60 base stations,” – said Zaitsev at the meeting of the profile Committee of the state Council of the Crimea.

The third generation first appeared in Sevastopol before may 9, 2015. Later the equipment operator to launch 3G and LTE has been updated in the area of the Kerch ferry, Kerch and across the road from Kerch to Feodosia.

“In August we completed the process of upgrading the network in Yalta. There were 50 upgraded base stations that completely cover the city and including 8 stations is the station of the fourth generation LTE. However, the company upgraded the main resort areas,” – said Zaitsev.

Company “K-Telecom” was established in Crimea after the cessation of work on the Peninsula of Ukrainian mobile operators in 2014. The operator has about 1.2 thousand of its own base stations.

Other Russian operators in the Crimea on the conditions of roaming agreements.