Medvedev: SKOLKOVO will launch an educational campaign in cooperation with China

MOSCOW, October 20. Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO in December 2015, plans to launch the first fundamental education campaign in cooperation with China. This was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, opening a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the school.

“You know that we are actively cooperating with the countries of Asia and Latin America. In December, the school plans to launch the first fundamental education campaign in cooperation with China that will allow you to learn new skills, knowledge for development strategy in Chinese market”, – said the Prime Minister.

He also noted that, together with the International labour organization school of management “SKOLKOVO” is implementing a project on forecasting future needs for labour professions. Thus was created an educational stimulant for the management of modern College. According to Medvedev, he received “high appraisal of international experts” and will be used for training of heads of colleges in Latin America, East Asia.

“School of management “SKOLKOVO” already can be viewed as a unique intellectual space bringing together managers of leading Russian companies, businessmen, civil servants, foreign experts,” – said the Prime Minister. According to him, the nine years of the school it trained about 12 thousand people, and last year about 3 thousand people, among them more than half the employees of the largest Russian and international companies.

About the school “SKOLKOVO”

Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO was established on 27 September 2006 in the framework of the priority national project “Education” on the basis of state-private partnership. Currently it is the largest private business school in Russia and the CIS. Medvedev is Chairman of the International Advisory Board, which, together with the Coordination Council manages the school.

SKOLKOVO school is implementing various corporate training programs for senior and middle managers. Cooperate with the school 150 teachers, more than 1.1 thousand invited speakers and experts, trained more than 11.5 million students. For 2015, corporate programs, “SKOLKOVO” Foundation has trained more than 1500 participants from 25 companies included in the TOP 100 Russian and international business, conducted 35 programs lasting from 2 to 50 days.