Prokhorov considered it short-sighted behavior of the state in the situation of “Transaero”

Moscow. October 20. The Russian authorities in the situation with the airline “Transaero” demonstrate the lack of long term vision, said the businessman Mikhail Prokhorov.

According to the businessman, the bankruptcy of the carrier in the future will affect not only the market, but also the interests of the state itself.

The businessman is the largest shareholder of the Bank “international financial club”, one of the creditors “Transaero”. IFC is trying to consolidate the efforts of other creditors and to launch alternative bankruptcy debt restructuring option of the carrier, but so far not too successfully: in the end of last week the insolvency claim “Transaero” has already filed the savings Bank, soon joined by private Alfa-Bank .

The situation with “Transaero” Prokhorov extrapolates on the economy as a whole.

“First, the state in the person “Aeroflot” Boudreaux said will save the company and restructure all the debts, and reassured citizens and creditors, and staff and passengers. Then something did not happen (could not find 75% + 1 share of “Transaero”?). Did not exist, so we will be bankrupt, and “Aeroflot” will you take charge of the company – the competitor, will start the procedure of bankruptcy and take the best routes yourself (just like an animal is known to let himself into the garden). I can praise “Aeroflot” (…) Great job, well done! I’m serious. “Aeroflot” will undoubtedly win. And who will lose? Yes all the rest!” – the businessman wrote on his page in “Live journal”.

Banks as a result of bankruptcy, “Transaero”, according to Prokhorov, will lose more than 200 billion rubles, and, accordingly, the economy will fall short 1 trillion rubles of loans. He also predicts “a chain of bankruptcies of tour operators, some banks, suppliers of petroleum products”, “loss of jobs, taxes and the cost of Bank depositors from the Deposit insurance Agency”, “significant direct and indirect losses of the state budget”.

“Surprisingly, the initiator of bankruptcy is the state, although it ultimately is the real loser (of course, beyond six months!), acts not as a strategist, zealous owner and senior partner, and as the blind shark, feeding signals to the market about the final victory of the state over the private economy and is ready to “shoot” their money and the money of the citizens to achieve immediate results,” says Prokhorov, expressing doubts that “anyone in government” studied the positive experience of restructuring distressed companies abroad, for example, in the United States.