The foreign Ministry expressed strong protest to the Ambassador of Switzerland in connection with the incident on the plane Naryshkin

MOSCOW, October 20. Moscow urged Bern to exclude risky aviainterery, such a dangerous approach of the aircraft of the Swiss air force with the aircraft of the Russian parliamentary delegation. This was stated by the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Such steps require advance approval”

“In connection with occurred on October 19, dangerous rapprochement of the aircraft of the Swiss air force F/A18 in the national airspace in the area of Biel with the Russian airliner travelling with a parliamentary delegation headed by Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergei Naryshkin in Geneva (Switzerland) to participate in the 133rd Assembly of the inter-Parliamentary Union, the Russian foreign Ministry made the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to Moscow, Pierre Helg, the official view,” – said in comments.

The Swiss diplomat “expressed strong protest by the defence office Switzerland “air-police” civilian control of the Russian forces aboard a military aircraft, than on the Russian side in advance is not advised”.

“Attempts by some officials of Switzerland to present the incident as a standard procedure to check either “escorting Russian aircraft, as a sign of hospitality” towards the Chapter house of the Russian Parliament look unconvincing – such steps in any case require a prior agreement”, – stressed in the Ministry.

Taking note of the Swiss side expressed regret that Moscow calls Byrne “continue to exclude such high-risk incidents and not to question the country’s reputation as the venue of important international events”.

“This is not a problem”

October 19, fighter Swiss air force F/A-18 approached the plane with a Russian parliamentary delegation going to Geneva for the session of the inter-Parliamentary Union. It happened at 10:22 local time (11:22 GMT) on the Swiss city of Biel.

As stated in turn reporter. the head of the press service of the diplomatic Department of the country Jean-Marc Crevoisier, Switzerland does not consider occurred on October 19, the convergence of his fighter with the Russian aircraft “incident” and .

“It wasn’t the incident, but the control procedure that we usually do. We are going to send a note to Russia to explain the procedure,” he said, stressing that the incident should not be seen as a “problem”. “This is not a problem,” he said.

Answering the question whether Switzerland to apologize, Crevoisier said, “No, no, no”. “We don’t have to apologize, we just have to explain our procedure,- said the official representative. – We are in contact with the Ambassador and he has already established contact in Moscow with the Ministry (of foreign Affairs). And now we write a note to explain”.