Lavrov: Russia and Hungary to discuss economic cooperation

Lavrov: Russia and Hungary to discuss economic cooperation

Moscow and Budapest is ready to promote mutually beneficial projects in trade and economic sphere, said the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov. According to him, the parties will also discuss topical issues in the world.

MOSCOW, 21 Oct. Russia and Hungary will discuss trade and economic cooperation and international issues, including situation in the middle East, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“I hope that we can discuss trade and economic relations. The situation at present is not very promising, but we see a desire on both sides to promote mutually beneficial projects. Business in both countries is interested in finding new opportunities”, — said the Russian Minister during the talks with Minister of foreign economic relations and foreign Affairs Peter Siyyarto.

Lavrov also said that the sides will “exchange views on certain draft agreements under discussion now, regarding the pipeline”.

He also noted that Russia and Hungary will also discuss the international situation in Europe, the middle East, Africa, cooperation in the framework of the UN and the Council of Europe.