Philip Gurov: participation in RIW acquired image component

Within a week of the Russian Internet and Media Communication Forum (RIW-2015) Philip Gurov, CEO of PR-Agency “Gurov and partners” tells why it companies to participate in such events, why image and brand awareness are important factors in the development of firms and how PR helps to overcome the crisis.

– I believe that it is possible to give some arguments. First, this forum is a real fount of knowledge. It is in a concentrated form in a short time you can get so much information on the Russian it-market, its current trends, effective marketing tools and techniques, which is comparable with the data obtained after the annual reading for business and industry it press, listen to the course on the it marketing in Russian or Western universities.

The forum helps to be in trend, see what the competition is doing and not reinvent the wheel, but to adopt the proven marketing techniques and to adapt them to the needs of a specific company.

The second important reason: RIW is a meeting of leaders. Over the years the forum has gained a reputation as a landmark event, which brings together leading market experts, top managers of technology companies-majors, with representatives of power structures, basic PR-technologists and marketing specialists. Participation in RIW acquired image component: if it participates in a Week, means she is “advanced”, is a market leader focusing on the use of best practices and there is really nothing to tell.

If in the days of the forum, asking for a meeting, you say, “I’m busy, I will be at RIW” – interlocutors knowingly and respectfully nod. Or happily answer: “Then I’ll see you then”, and then it is clear that you and your colleague think of the circle of “advanced”.

Published on the website of the forum the program allows you to understand that the agenda of the event will be very rich and useful. Here will feature strategic presentations from representatives of authorities and industry associations, and heated discussions between the main players in the market, and will be considered the most “fresh” cases.

Since the basic it solutions now ordered by the state, the most effective tool is GR. This implies influencing the authority’s decision, storage of personal data, restricting access to certain sites on the Internet, the requirement for news aggregators and search engines, issues of import substitution and so on. A particular bill may radically change the rules of the game on the market. Even if resources for influence are currently lacking, the analysis of such initiatives should be carried out continuously.

Also, cooperating with authorities, the company always remains in sight. For example, if the President will visit the office of the it company, this would be a clear signal to potential customers and attract the attention of many top media.

GR means getting government contracts, support the company’s participation in tenders held by the authorities. Here PR Agency can collect preliminary information to help with the selection of tactics, to establish the process of monitoring.

During the crisis, companies have really cut back budgets, and I would not definitely say that it is bad. The time has come when every man must show what he is truly capable of, using only limited resources. Otherwise the company will simply disappear from the market. Crisis – a great time for improvisation and experimentation. Might have to risk all, but, alas, no other choice. The market will improve your health by getting rid of those who are not able to survive even a small thing.