Rosaviatsia: air operator certificate Transaero cancelled and cannot be restored

MOSCOW, October 21. Air operator certificate of airline “Transaero” cancelled due to the deterioration of its financial condition that affect aviation safety. This was stated at a briefing the head of the Federal air transport Agency Alexander Neradko.

“According to the results of unscheduled inspection of airline “Transaero”, identified deficiencies and the deterioration of basic production indicators and financial-economic state of the operator, affecting the safety and rights of consumers, the Commission proposed to cancel the certificate of air operator certificate… the airline cancelled from 26 October this year. The cancelled certificate, in accordance with the rules, will not be restored”, – he said.

The carriage of passengers

Since the revocation of the certificate until 4 April 2016 will have to provide the transportation of thousands of its 155 passengers, said Neradko.

“Since the suspension of the certificate of the airline on the depth of the booking of tickets of “Transaero” to 4 April 2016 will provide transportation 155 218 thousand passengers,” he said. Of them, according to him, 87,757 thousand people will be transported by flights of “Aeroflot” and the companies of the group, as well as other carriers.

“It is supposed to provide a refund for paid tickets 67 461 passengers”, – added the head of Federal air transport Agency.

The distribution of routes

156 the distribution of directions of international transportation of airline “Transaero” will be implemented in the near future, said Neradko.

“Not to interrupted air communication with other countries, the distribution of directions will be implemented in the shortest possible time”, – he said.

According to Neradko, “Transaero”, until recently, has been admitted to flights via 156 international destinations. Aeroflot claims to be 50 of them. “Thus, the monopolization of the air network “Aeroflot” is not discussed”, – concluded the head of Federal air transport Agency.

“Aeroflot” has spent 17 billion on export of passengers “Transaero” and claims to be 57 international routes.

The Federal air transport Agency will establish a working group on transfer of aircrafts “Transaero” in the lease.

The bankruptcy of the company

The decision on bankruptcy “Transaero”, the accumulated 250 billion debt and under the operational management of “Aeroflot” was adopted at the governmental meeting with the participation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on October 1.

The carrier has closed the sale of tickets.

Airline tickets (round-trip) for transportation originating before December 15, and ending after 15 December will be cancelled.