Sobyanin: in Moscow for five years, was terminated 500 contracts

MOSCOW, October 21. The Moscow authorities over the last five years had terminated 500 of investment contracts for the construction of 21 million square meters of real estate. This was announced on Wednesday by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, speaking with the annual report on the work of the city government the Moscow city Duma.

“It was o and unsustainable development,” said the mayor. According to him, was a revision of all earlier concluded contracts – about 1.2 thousand. “Where compromise could not be reached, have passed hundreds of trials, most of which the city won,” said the mayor. According to him, the city managed to stop infill construction and to preserve “the living tissue of the city.”

“Managed to make Moscow better”

The mayor believes that over the past five years the Russian capital has become more convenient for people’s lives and more competitive. “We managed to make Moscow better,” said the mayor.

According to Sobyanin, to improve the capital “must continuously and at maximum speed, to improve in many directions at once”, such as the creation of quality urban development, modern transport communications, engineering infrastructure efficient, comfortable public spaces, modern social areas, in the creation of open communication channels between citizens and the government. The mayor also highlighted the creation of conditions for business and investment.

According to him, first of all, work has been done in the field of urban policy. “Instead of infill construction the city has turned to the maximum preservation of the existing urban environment,” said the mayor. In addition, the city has switched to a polycentric development and the creation of new business centers outside the Third transport ring.

Also noted Sobyanin, began a comprehensive development of territories and large-scale construction of transport, social and engineering infrastructure.

The world’s largest system

According to the mayor, the decision of transport problems of Moscow exists and is implemented.

“In its scale the program of the Moscow transport system development is one of the largest in the world,” he said. According to Sobyanin, its implementation became possible thanks to the support of the Federal authorities.

According to him, the decision “is the priority development of public transport, metro, Railways, taxis”. It is also “bringing order on the roads, road construction, improving pedestrian access”.

Expanding the boundaries of justified

The decision to expand Moscow’s borders through annexation of territories in the southwest in 2011, has fully justified itself, said the mayor of the capital.

“Today a new territory became a point of application of billions of dollars of investment and provide more than a third of all buildings in the city real estate – up to 3 million sqm per year,” said the mayor, adding that the draft master Plan for the development of “New Moscow” will be presented in the near future.

According to him, for three years in New Moscow created 80 thousand additional jobs. In addition, “from the depressed residential suburbs of New Moscow is transformed into a balanced urban area”.

In addition, the mayor noted, new business opportunities are being formed in the reorganized industrial zones, in particular, on the ZIL.