Study: the Internet market and online payment market in Russia in 2014 has grown to 2.2% of GDP

MOSCOW, October 21. The total volume of the Internet market and electronic payments in Russia in 2014 increased from 1.6 to 2.2% of GDP.

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This is stated in a joint study RAEC and the Higher school of Economics “the Economy of Runet 2014-2015”, the results of which were presented at the Russian Interactive Week 2015. The results for 2015 will be published in 2016.

The total volume of the Russian Internet market in 2014 increased from 2013 by 46% to 1,094 trln rbl., and volume of electronic payments has increased over the same period by 36% to 0,476 trillion roubles. thus, according to the study, the economy Internet-dependent markets amounted to more than 11.8 trillion rubles, which is comparable with 16% of Russia’s GDP.

“Based on the scenarios published in the research “Runet Economy 2012-2013″, in 2014 the Runet continued to move according to the neutral scenario”, the study notes. High growth Russian Internet were largely due to the volatility of the ruble. According to forecasts, in 2015 in the overall growth of the market will jump on a conservative scenario, and in some segments – to crisis.