“Inter RAO UES” is planning to build 4 power units in Cuba

“Inter RAO UES” is planning to build 4 power units in Cuba

LLC “inter RAO – Export” and the Cuban company Energoimport planning to build four power units at power plants of Cuba with a capacity of 200 MW for approximately 9 years.

MOSCOW, 22 Oct. The construction of four power units of 200 MW each by the two existing power plants of Cuba will last approximately 9 years, the report said the Russian energy holding “inter RAO”, implements the project.

LLC “inter RAO — Export” and the Cuban company Energoimport (included as part of the state energycompany Union Electrica) entered into a contract for the construction of one unit at TPP “MAXIMO Gomez” (city of Mariel) and three — on TPP “East Havana” (city of Santa Cruz del Norte). The total project cost is about 1.2 billion euros. Funding will be provided by the customer partly from its own funds, partly due to the attraction of export credit.

“In the framework of the project the Cuban side will carry out construction works, and LLC “INTER RAO — Export” will perform the complex of services in designing, supplying and commissioning of all main and auxiliary power equipment, and will also undertake overall project management. The main fuel of new power units will be crude oil. The estimated project implementation period is nine years,” the report says.

Both stations are situated on the Northern coast of Cuba, built in the sixties-eighties of XX century by Soviet specialists. Project the installed capacity of the TPP “MAXIMO Gomez” was 600 MW, including four units with a unit capacity of 50 MW and four units of 100 MW (part of power out of operation).

At TPP “East Havana” was built three blocks with a unit capacity of 100 MW. Operational management of power plants carries out the Cuban state power company Union Electrica.