Ivanov: dialogue of the Valdai club was friendlier, concerned foreign and domestic policy

SOCHI, October 22. The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov said that the conversation with the participants of the International discussion club “Valdai” on Thursday were more friendly than in the past.

“Today the discussion was, I would say, more friendly than last year”, – shared his impressions with journalists after the session of the club in which he participated.

Ivanov explained that last year he asked a lot of questions like: “Why have you carried out an armed aggression against the Crimea?” “We had to explain that no armed aggression was not, everything was different” – recalled the representative of the Kremlin.

He noticed that today he almost didn’t ask questions about Ukraine. “The questions were about foreign, domestic policy. Very different, but they were concentrated around the fight against terrorism around Russian-American relations. And if we talk about domestic policy, was a number of quite interesting questions on the economy, on the state of our economy in the first place and the assessment of the world economy, globalization,” stressed Ivanov.

He also shared with journalists the thesis, which was elaborated by the participants of the forum in advance. According to the head of the Kremlin administration, the negative phenomena in the economy occur not only in Russia but also in most developed countries. “But in foreign policy, the use of military force, not sanctioned by any international law, is happening more and more often,” he said.

Furthermore, said Ivanov, he asked a lot of questions on the reform of the Armed forces. “Obviously, because the results are there. So I made a conclusion”, he concluded.