Kamchatka claims to the status of a free port

Kamchatka claims to the status of a free port

In Minvostokrazvitiya Russia from the authorities of Kamchatskiy Krai received the proposal for the establishment in the region of the free port. Also in Kamchatka are working on creating territories of priority development.

KHABAROVSK, 22 Oct. The government of the Kamchatka edge has directed to Ministry of Russia proposals on the prospects of creating a zone in the region of the free port, according to the website of the regional government on Thursday.

It is noted that the order to transfer the experience of free port of Vladivostok in other areas of DFO was announced by President of Russia in September this year.

“We are working on this and have already sent their proposals to the RF Ministry of Far East development. For the economy of Kamchatskiy Krai the mode of the free port is of great importance, as it involves the creation of special conditions to open in the region of new industries. Business development will contribute to a number of administrative, tax and customs preferences” — are on the website the words of the acting Deputy Chairman of the government of edge of Yury Subarea.

Kamchatka also created the territory of advanced development (TOR).

“The idea of a “free port” self, she can live without complex TORUS, but when they act together, the effect of interventions will increase. Residents who simultaneously work at the sites TOR “Kamchatka” and “free port” will receive significant benefits”, said Zubar.

He noted that an important issue for the region is to determine the minimum level of financial support of entrepreneurs for entry into the territory of the free port. In Vladivostok a minimum level of business involvement is set at 5 million rubles of private investment.