Putin: Russian military to act in Syria successful, but terrorism has not been defeated

SOCHI, October 22. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin is convinced that Russian soldiers are in Syria successful, but recognizes that terrorism is not yet defeated.

“We hope that the coordinated actions of our strike aircraft and other means of attack, coordinated with offensive operations of the Syrian army will give positive results”, – said the head of state, speaking at the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai”.

“In my opinion and in the opinion of our military experts, such a result is already there. It is sufficient to say that terrorism in Syria defeated? No. Need more serious effort to make such an assertion would require an even greater and I want to stress – joint work”, – said the Russian leader.
“Regarding confidence in the effectiveness of action – how can there be certainty in such matters? Confidence gives only an insurance policy,” said Putin.
“We act in accordance with their beliefs and the norms of international law”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

He recalled the actions of the international coalition in Syria. “We don’t want to throw stones nor in whose garden, but still almost one and a half years the coalition led by the USA struck blows there is more than 11 countries took part, more than 500 blows on different targets, but, no, this is an obvious fact,” Putin said. The head of state is perplexed: “What is the result if during this time, the terrorists only have increased their presence on the territory of Syria and Iraq, were fixed on those lines, where they used to be, and expanded the area of their stay”.

“Until our colleagues to do anything failed, in my opinion, effective. The first actions of our Armed forces and the Armed forces of the Syrian army – all the same results they have,” stated the Russian leader. He reiterated that “not enough”, therefore “it would be very nice if we combine the efforts of all who really want to combat terrorism, all countries in the region and non-regional powers, including the United States.”

Putin recalled that Moscow had offered the U.S. to send to Russia a military delegation and was ready to send to the Washington delegation at the highest political level led by the Chairman of the government to discuss issues of a political nature. “We were told that our offer was rejected. However, then the American colleagues did the oral explanation at the Ministerial level, that we are not very correctly understood, the road is open, we can go this way, you can think over joint efforts”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

He lays certain hopes on the upcoming meeting between the foreign Ministers of the USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. “You need to connect and other regional countries, without which to solve this question it is impossible”, – believes the Russian leader. In his view, first of all must be connected to the process of Iran. “At least at this stage, let the Ministers will meet, talk with our Iranian partners we are in close contact on this issue are, Iran is making its significant contribution to the settlement,” Putin said.

The only purpose of the Russian Federation in Syria is fighting terrorism and not against those or other currents of Islam, said the President of the Russian Federation. “Our aim is to combat terrorism and not for or against certain followers of Islam” – he stressed.

Putin recalled that Moscow maintains good relations with various countries, where the majority are followers of certain sects of Islam. “We don’t make no difference”, he said. “The main purpose is and only is the fight against terrorism,” the President said.

Meanwhile, Putin noted that Syria itself the situation is complicated because now there are various powers, including religious ones. “We understand the realities in which we have to work,” he said. “If the discussion between the different streams, different representatives of Islam will take civilized nature, we would consider our mission fulfilled,” – he said.