RAEC proposes to simplify procedures of doing business for young IT companies

MOSCOW, October 22. Current procedures for doing business make it difficult for young IT companies. This opinion was expressed by senior analyst RAEC (Russian Association for electronic communications) Karen Ghazaryan in an interview at the forum Russian Interactive Week 2015.

“Certain special regimes for such companies would be probably very handy,” he said.

So, despite certain benefits for IT-companies, which are set out in tax legislation, young companies and start-UPS are often very difficult to obtain, the analyst believes.

“The guys who come up with some project, as they say, “in the garage”, to take care of the paperwork and business, probably, not very comfortable”, – said Ghazaryan.

Moreover, a privilege on insurance payments for small businesses only available through the year, the company needs to obtain accreditation of the Ministry of communications, it’s hard for “young” companies, he said. While the leaders of start-up companies may not even know about such opportunities, because they are primarily programmers and engineers, not entrepreneurs, said Ghazaryan.

You also need to simplify the regulation in the industry. For example, e-Commerce governs six departments, said the expert. Remains an urgent problem demands a receipt in printed form, not electronic; the problems of attracting investment, the act on processing of personal data complicate the work of business. To solve them, it would be advisable to create a single design expertise center, concluded Ghazarian.