Siluanov: the anti-crisis plan for 2016 will not be prepared

MOSCOW, October 22. Individual anti-crisis plan in 2016, but a special Fund. This was reported to journalists by the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov.

“Next year we have the so-called anti-crisis plan will source, Fund to support individual sectors of the economy. In its framework will be supported in key sectors,” said the Minister.

He noted that the budget included allocations for 65 billion rubles, in General its size can be up to 150 billion rubles.

Earlier, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that work on anti-crisis plan for this year in General is going well, tasks are executed. The Prime Minister added that mostly achieved the indicators that guided the government. The work in this direction will be continued. At the same time, according to him, unequivocal approaches to the question of extending the anti-crisis plan for 2016 yet.

The plan of priority measures for the sustainable development of economy and social stability in 2015 approved by the government on 27 January this year. Its goal is the sustainable development of economy and social stability during the most unfavourable foreign economic and political conditions.

The volume of OFZ for the population will amount to 30 billion rubles

Siluanov also said that rbem OFZ for the population in 2016 will amount to 30 billion rubles.

“We are not planning large amounts of attract, I think, will be up to 30 billion rubles. If we see the demand for this tool, we will decide”, – said the Minister.

Thursday first Vice-Premier of RF government Igor Shuvalov has informed that next year the government will offer citizens the opportunity to purchase 2016 Federal bonds. Relevant preparatory work is currently engaged with the Ministry of Finance. According to first Deputy Prime Minister, such a tool can be attractive for citizens.

This is a new special debt instrument for the Russians. Citizens today can buy OFZs through the professional participants of the securities market. As previously explained, in the Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the General conditions of issue and circulation of Federal loan bonds, approved by government decree, owners of OFZs all editions can be individuals. However, individuals can purchase OFZ bonds on the organized market through government licensed professional participants of securities market.