The Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation called “wishlist” Georgia put forward a claim for compensation in €70 million

ST. PETERSBURG, October 22. The Deputy Minister of justice of Russia Georgy Matyushkin called “wishlist” by the government of Georgia through the European court of human rights (ECHR) requirements of Russia on payment of €70 million for the deportation of Georgian migrants in 2006.

“The€70 million that were announced in the media, it is, legally speaking, “wishlist” of the Georgian government… the biggest problem is that, no matter how much they promised the Georgian authorities to specify the range affected by the actions of the Russian authorities of the persons called different numbers,” he told journalists today Matyushkin.

He noted that, according to data provided by the ECHR, “it’s about 154 persons in respect of which it is established that they are grossly violated (the migration legislation of the Russian Federation – ed.)”.

Matyushkin reported that Russia has provided in the ECHR reply Memorandum in which he formulated his position. “We presented a Memorandum in which we have defined our approaches against these requirements,” – said the Deputy Minister.

3 last July, the Grand chamber of the ECtHR announced the ruling on inter-state complaint by Georgia against Russia in connection with carried out from late September 2006 to January 2007 administrative expulsions and deportation from Russia of Georgian citizens – illegal migrants and persons, gross violation of Russian migration legislation. The court found a violation of Russia of a number of provisions of the European Convention on human rights, but did not specify the amount of monetary compensation.

In July of this year Georgia had applied to the ECHR for the purpose to collect from Russia “70 million 320 thousand euros for moral damages”.