The segment of protected gadgets for government agencies will reach 100 thousand units

MOSCOW, October 22. The physical volume of the market of secure devices (smart phones and tablets) for government agencies estimates that Yota Devices will be 100 thousand units. This was stated by the CEO “RT-business Development” (investorstate Rostec, which owns 25.1% of Yota Devices) Andrey Korobov at the press conference, devoted to the appearance of Yota Devices new investor.

“We estimate the market for at least 100 thousand units, the first batch will be 1 thousand units,” – said Korobov, adding that there is a special program, but it has not yet been approved.

Now under the pilot project at the Kaluga Electromechanical plant (part of concern “Automatics”), together with the “assistance” organized the production of secure devices for government agencies, said Korobov. According to him, already produced 20 models, they are on the testing stage.

Designed for specialized devices has its own special operating system – is still unknown. “We test a number of platforms,” said Korobov, answering the question whether there was any such development.

Interest has already expressed the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Ministry of defense and various Federal bodies of Executive power, he said. Also expressed interest government agencies from other countries, Korobov said, not specifying from what.

Yota Devices plans to sell more than 1 million YotaPhone 3

CEO of Yota Devices Vladislav Martynov said that Yota Devices plans to sell more than 1 million YotaPhone 3 during the sales cycle, reaching the markets of India and Indonesia.


“We plan that this will be more than 1 million devices,” he said, answering a question about plans of sales of the third line of smartphones.

This amount will be reached according to the results of the basic sales cycle, the company said, without specifying a specific timeline. The main loop of the first sales of the YotaPhone lasted about 7 months from December 2013 to may-June 2014, it sold 40 thousand units. The YotaPhone 2 launched in December 2014, will end no earlier than the beginning of sales of smartphone third generation. To sum up so far, according to the company, and the sales figures YotaPhone 2 did not specify.

The start of sales of the third generation YotaPhone is planned in mid-2016 Target markets – Russia and China, and other countries, including Indonesia and India, said Martynov.

According to him, the benchmark of the cost of the smartphone in retail excluding subsidies is $550-600.

New shareholder – Chinese Rex Global Entertainment Holdings Limited will help the company to expand its presence in the Asian market.

“Our partner, in addition to financial opportunities, has close business ties with the Telecom market, with retailers and distributors in China and some other countries of the Asia – Pacific region, and we plan to use it,” said Martynov.

In addition, Yota Devices plans to use the e ink technology in other devices, said the head of the company, without specifying which. “Our company is not a company one product” – said Martynov.

However, he clarified that the company refuses from the strategy of import substitution. The third generation of the YotaPhone in the part of R&D will 90% be in Russia, said a top Manager.

As previously reported, Rex Global Entertainment Holdings Limited signed the agreement on acquiring shares in the Russian developer of smartphones Yota Devices, purchasing a share of the Fund Telconet for $100 million and investing another $50 million in further development of the company’s business.

After the transaction the shareholder structure Yota Devices will be distributed as follows: 64.9 per cent will belong to Rex Global, 25,1% – GC “rosteh”, 10% of the company’s General Director Vladislav Martynov and management.

Yotadevices earlier agreed to produce the next generation of their devices on the plant Chinese ZTE.