Watermelons: the money promised by the West Ukraine is just the carrot for the donkey

Watermelons: the money promised by the West Ukraine is just the carrot for the donkey

Requirements voiced by the IMF, clearly indicate that the population of Ukraine should not expect an increase in their wallets, despite the government promised economic growth, says ex-head of the National Bank of Ukraine.

MOSCOW, 22 Oct. The international monetary Fund annoyed by Ukraine, believes former head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Serhiy Arbuzov. So the economist commented on the results of the annual meeting of the boards of the IMF and the world Bank Group in Lima.

According to Arbuzov, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko, two months before the end of the year declares additional aid of $ 4 billion, the question arises: why didn’t you help the past 10 billion and how much Ukraine will ask the next time, in order to ensure economic growth?

The international monetary Fund, lips, Natalie Jaresko, has virtually issued an ultimatum to the command of the President of Ukraine regarding the possibility and advisability of a tax reduction, says the former head of the NBU, adding that the Finance Minister has put Kiev in an even more uncomfortable position, declaring on the eve of elections on initiating public discussions of government spending can be reduced in the next year.

“Hence, the Fund does not intend to play, and just hints at the inevitability of severe Budget-2016. Therefore, to rely on the materialization of their wallets repeatedly promised fruits of economic growth to the population is not necessary,” — Arbuzov wrote on his page in Facebook.

Former head of the national Bank notes that promised Ukraine $ 4 billion, which may be in the country’s foreign reserves before the end of the year, unfortunately, are the only “carrot for the donkey”.

“They still have to earn it. Anti-corruption actions, not display, not illusory, but quite real tangible results. And with this in Ukraine solid regress,” notes the economist.

The four-year program of financial assistance to Ukraine was approved by the IMF Board on March 11. The programme envisages allocating the Fund’s $ 17.5 billion dollars, and all international creditors over four years — $ 40 billion. Ukraine this year has already received 6.7 billion dollars in aid, total aid, envisaged for 2015, $ 10 billion. This year allocated a further two tranches of 1.7 billion dollars.