Agrarians of the Crimea harvested 1.4 mln tonnes of grains – almost twice the needs

Agrarians of the Crimea harvested 1.4 mln tonnes of grains – almost twice the needs

UFA, October 23. /Corr. Nail Shachmaliev/. Agrarians of the Crimea this year has collected 1.4 million tons of grain, which is almost two times more for the welfare of the population. This was reported on Friday the Deputy Minister of economic development of Crimea Ulyana Smirnova.

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“This year we have an absolutely record figure of 1.4 million tons of grain was collected and processed, it twice almost surpasses the need of the Crimea”, – she said at the small business forum of the regions of the SCO and BRICS in Ufa.

Smirnov urged investors to invest in agro-industrial complex of the Republic. “Satisfaction is not in any category of products ranging from agriculture to energy, for which Crimea would have supported yourself, with the exception of grain. In the plots of population is 91% milk, 62% egg, 96 percent wool. This suggests that there is no industrial production. As for milk and dairy products – it’s just a “naked” market, so from the point of view of investments, there are all prerequisites and opportunities”, – added the Deputy Minister.

Yesterday the President of the Russian grain Union Arkady Zlochevsky said that currently in Russia collected 98 million tons of grain (in weight after processing), grain in General, may reach 102-103 million tonnes. The internal requirements of Russia in grains amount to 70 million tons, he said.

It was reported earlier that Russia’s agriculture Ministry plans to purchase in intervention Fund of over 9 thousand tonnes of the Crimean grain.

800 billion for projects in Crimea

Smirnov also said that investors filed 459 applications for the sum of 800 billion rubles for the implementation of projects in Crimea.

“Today, the investor interest is very high. From a single screen today filed 459 investment applications with a total sum of 800 billion rubles”, – she said at the forum “Small business of the regions of the participating countries of SCO and BRICS” Ufa.

Thus, according to him, the Crimean authorities are not yet able to start working with investors. As Smirnov said, it is, in particular, about the barriers in the law on land surveying of the land plots. “Now these problems are solved, the motivation of the government to as quickly as possible to solve these problems,” she added.

Earlier it was reported that in 2015 the regional Ministry of investment reviewed 132 applications totaling more than 73,5 billion. They are being addressed by the ad hoc working group.