Anews: the potential audience of news aggregators in Russia – 10-15 million people

MOSCOW, October 23. The potential, interested audience of news aggregators in the Russian Federation is 10-15 million people. Such data are voiced head of news aggregator Anews Vyacheslav masenkov in an interview on the sidelines of the forum Russian Interactive Week 2015.

“Our interested audience, potential is 10-15 million people,” he said.

These are the people who regularly read the news. While active users of news aggregators are 30% of them, explained masenkov. There are three major player in the Russian market of mobile news aggregators: Google, Mail, Anews, he said. Each of them, according to Mazankova, several million installations.

“The average number of installations of apps per month have about 100-150 thousand,” – said the head of the Anews.

Now this market only began to emerge in Russia, believes masenkov.

“News aggregation grows. In the world it is growing faster in Russia – slowly, perhaps, this is because this segment formally existed for a long time, but took shape into something serious quite recently”, – he explained.

Anews has been working in Russia for two years. During this time the company has attracted investments for $2.7 million Among its investors some of the funds (the largest TMT Investments and Run Capital) and individuals.

Anews today represented in six countries, a news aggregator plans to continue expansion.