Media: on toll road M11 will build corridor for unmanned trucks

MOSCOW, 23 Oct. On the toll road M11 Moscow – St. Petersburg in 2016, will see the construction of high-speed transport corridor for unmanned trucks and the movement of cars without the driver in a separate area between the two capitals can be opened before 2018.

The newspaper “Vedomosti” says that in the trailer during the tests will be 5-10 of conventional trucks, the driver will be partially to control the first, the rest should act independently. The publication adds, referring to the project that if the experience is successful, drones will go on “silk road” from Helsinki and Brest to Beijing.

“Izvestia” reported that such a plan was approved by the Presidium of the Council on economy modernization and innovative development of Russia. By the end of this year, the Ministry of industry and trade jointly with the working group should coordinate the project and its economic justification with the relevant departments and to submit documents for approval to the government.

According to media reports, transport corridors will consist of dedicated lanes, which will be high-speed robotic delivery of cargo. A pilot site will be equipped with intelligent transportation systems designed for the specific needs of unmanned vehicles.