Official: the world will have to abandon the image of Crimean Tatars as people sufferer

Official: the world will have to abandon the image of Crimean Tatars as people sufferer

More than two years have passed since the President signed a decree on the rehabilitation of deported peoples. That was done in Crimea?

– First, the Crimean Tatar language became the state along with Russian and Ukrainian, according to the Constitution of the Crimea. Now prepare regional draft law that will help to fill this constitutional norm content. This, of course, the fact that the national Muslim holidays along with Christian holidays have become that’s not good, and found the straight path to the rapprochement of the peoples of Crimea.

You know that last year in the Russian Crimea we set a record by sending 150 people to the places of pilgrimage. This year we even exceeded the quota, which was increased in two times. We have sent 322 pilgrim, and next year we plan to add more 600 seats. That is, the Russian Crimea, interacting with the institutions of civil society, was able to create such conditions under which a trip to the Hajj, which is one of the pillars of Islam, is becoming available for a large number of Muslims.

Another example is the construction of the mosque. To this the Crimean Tatar people was about 15 years old. Had some obstacles that are not always comes from the authorities. It was interesting and the group of Mustafa Dzhemilev (member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, leader of the unregistered in Russia Majlis). Only in the Russian Crimea, we in short terms have received approval on design documentation, entered the examination phase, now received permission to start construction works, excavation works are already underway. We managed to collect a considerable amount of 2 billion rubles, which is enough to complete construction.

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In total, during the year 2014-2015 for execution of the decree of the President allocated about 2 billion roubles without taking into account the construction of the mosque. The money building housing for rehabilitated peoples, building the school (in the neighborhood of compact residence of the Crimean Tatars Fountains), which this year allocated 100 million roubles, roads are being repaired.

There is a stretch of road in Simferopol, which the locals called the Black sea. The last 23 years, since it was an unfinished building, he was constantly flooded when designed, had not foreseen the water discharge system. After each flood had such local sea. People could not walk or drive. Finally the issue was solved, now there is a quality road, people perked up a business. The shops and cafes along this road, now bring more income than before. District representatives are joking: “We all bought a Russian flag.” For Crimean Tatars it is symbolic, because for a long time of them tried to make the Ukrainians. But now there is a revaluation of values.

Overall these facts is the construction of the mosque, the Hajj, the socio-economic and cultural issues – forced to abandon the idea of creating an image of Crimean Tatars as a people-sufferer.

Do you have data, how many Crimean Tatars left the Crimea after the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia?

– Dzhemilev said that Crimean Tatars are leaving Crimea EN masse. Thus there is an artificial increase in the number of allegedly left the Peninsula in anticipation of some specified financial remuneration in exchange for which Americans receive much needed suffering the way the Crimean Tatar people. Thus, misinformed the international community that enables U.S. Department of state to impose their vision of the world, and to exert pressure on Russia.

Actually Crimea left only 600-800 people. Basically it is the radicals that preached prohibited from the point of view of Russian legislation ideology. As well as students who are already enrolled in universities outside of the Peninsula. Plus the environment Dzhemilev – 15 of eaters, all of 23 years did not have a job, becoming a professional the Crimean Tatars. That is, the number of Crimean Tatars on the Peninsula has actually remained the same.

Visited the Crimean Muslims Hajj was pleased with this year?

– Everyone was happy, because this year the trip to the Hajj was more accessible to the Crimeans. Behind this and the price, which even in comparison with previous years has decreased twice. Previously, the cost of the trip to Hajj was $4.5 thousand, now – 2,5 thousand. In addition, arranged in a more comfortable delivery. The plane will take off from Simferopol, not in Kiev. Meals are included in the Hajj package of previous years, Shuttle service on buses that shuttled between the hotel and places of pilgrimage. In addition, there are of different level, they are in the center, on the first line, and not, as it was before, when you have 20 people in one room with no amenities, on the outskirts. In General the Russian Hajj-mission is one of the leading. The Hajj is a model that is not biased by any political assessments.

You stated that the funds for the mosque has already been found. From what sources will be funded?

We are open today for anyone who wants to help. But the mosque funds in full today. And anyone’s help in order to realize the right of Crimean Tatars, Muslims of the Crimea, to the mosque, we don’t need.

This extrabudgetary funds. A contribution was made by representatives of different nationalities, different religions. The country is vast and diverse. Responded entrepreneurs heard at the meeting with the President’s request to support the construction of a mosque. Expressed a desire to support us and the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, had assisted the Chairman of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia Ravil Gainutdin. The number of those who every day more and more.

2 billion – that is money that we have and which are sufficient not only to start construction, but to complete it. If there will be an increase in the cost, we also have no problems. If someone wants to provide some help, to contribute, we are always open. The muftiat has a specially created Fund, which accumulates the funds. We are ready within three years to build a Cathedral mosque.

You said previously about the possibility of a ban in Russia of activity of the Mejlis. Any procedure in this direction has already begun?

Today the Majlis is no influence on the Crimean Tatars has not. Otherwise all these statements of Dzhemilev provocative nature would find a reflection among the Crimean Tatars. Majlis in Crimea does not exist. It is only that ideology which preaches today through the platform of this organization, taking into account their actual fusion with the “Right sector” (banned in Russia) may be prohibited in the Russian Federation.

Of course, this is a legitimate procedure. Now a lot of the complaints come from the Crimean Tatars, from public organizations. They ask to ban this organization on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Any person should in his actions be guided by the law and moral norms. A group of these people use derogatory terminology, contrary to the interests of the Crimeans and Russia, they make radical statements, pushing for extremist actions. So we say today that in the legal field, taking into account the activity of the Crimean Tatars themselves and their civic institutions, religious organizations, that is a possible ban.

And yet the Crimean Tatars listen to the opinion leaders of the Majlis?

All the initiatives of the group Jemilev in Crimea are only two reactions – laughter, or hate. Hatred mainly exhibit those Ukrainian producers, the farmers who suffered from declared the so-called Ukrainian blockade of Crimea. Laughter these actions cause the Crimeans and the international community.

We see that Dzhemilev openly lying and just asking for money from the West under various kinds of initiatives. And in recent years he was engaged in international begging. It is beneficial to all Crimean Tatars do not go from the image of the martyrs, the image of the oppressed and downtrodden. Otherwise he would stop paying money. After all, before the Ukrainian government and the West all the money to the Crimean Tatars were allocated via Dzhemilev. But how he disposed of them, the Crimean Tatars remember. 90% of the funds from the so-called people’s Bank, the main founder of which was Dzhemilev, had been abducted. 80 criminal cases are the result of the resettlement of the Crimean Tatars in gumilevski.

As in Crimea react to Crimean Tatars on the initiative of its former leaders under siege?

– It is impossible to explain to the Crimean Tatars, why their former leader wants to deprive them of food, light and so on. It is unclear even to those who with a certain sympathy (Dzhemilev). In so doing, he in fact revealed, the masks are thrown off. For the Crimean people it’s more of an Epiphany, an understanding that Dzhemilev and company are the enemies not only of the Crimean and Russian society, but also Ukrainian. Because these actions affected primarily Ukrainian businessmen and producers.

About the so-called energy blockage. All heard the statements of the Ukrainian authorities on this issue – there’s not so linear as it appears to Mr. Dzhemilev. The adoption of this solution is on another level. And because of the lack of education and desire to earn they give voice to even the most delusional ideas. However, they do not understand that will go down in history as enemies of the people.

In the government of Ukraine there are people who still realize that there is a threshold that cannot be crossed. This is some humanitarian and economic issues – not to harm his country.

International organizations have published several so-called reports about life in Crimea. Mostly they are negative. For example, about infringement of the rights of nationalities or of violation of the rights of believers. How do you assess the reports?

– Unfortunately, this is all used as a political tool of pressure on Russia. All of them are not true. Methods and approaches to gather information leading to the appearance of fakes. The truth is not interesting today, neither the OSCE or other international organizations. In the preparation of his work, I even their reports can not name, they violate all the principles of sociological research.

Publishing such documents about Crimea, international institutions lose more and more respect and trust to their missions. The reports use one-sided, biased by the U.S. state Department. In fact, they (reports) are duplicated and legalized at only international venues.

I am sure that the Americans understand that they produce in relation to the Crimea and Crimean Tatars, is not true. And therefore increase the hysteria around Crimea. Today we have no any hardship. That is why I argue that the notion of deliberately introduced Western political strategists to create at the international level the image of the Crimea, which today undergoes some deprivation. This is a PR campaign aimed at misinforming the international community.

We are open for all international organizations. We are waiting for them, but under condition of observance of the Russian legislation, respect for the will of the Crimeans and impartial approach.

What are the ways to break through the information blockade see the authorities of the Crimea?

We see that organized the Western information blockade now and so yields no results, though still seeps through all of the information filters. First of all, on the level of people’s diplomacy.

Today self-respecting politicians do not trust the Western media. The arrival of the delegation of French parliamentarians, representatives of Bulgaria, former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi confirm this. They talked to the Crimeans and everyone saw with their own eyes, appreciated all the positive changes. Of course, when they return, they on their information sites, using its authority in society, tell the truth about Crimea.

I am sure that soon all of information warfare and information blockade against the Russian Crimea will become at least ineffective. Everyone who is still in a state of hypnosis, the scales fell from the eyes subsides. I am sure that the Ukrainian nation is already in the stage of awakening.

Interviewed By Elena Bogdanovich