The Euro fell to the lowest level since the end of August

Moscow. October 23. The ruble strengthened growth in early trading Friday, adding significantly to the dollar and pushing the Euro to its lowest levels since August, amid rising oil and stock optimism.

The dollar at 10:20 retreated to 61,85 ruble, losing 70.3 penny to the previous closing. The Euro at this point retreated to 68,64 ruble, which is 89 cents below the previous close. This is the minimum level of the Euro since the end of August.

The fall of the dollar and the Euro intensified yesterday afternoon, after the ECB meeting. To the Wednesday’s closing level, i.e. slightly more than one trading day, the dollar fell 1.15 rubles, or 1.9%, Euro – on 2,82 rubles, or 4.1%.

Oil prices rising on Friday, the index futures for Brent crude rose on London’s ICE Futures exchange more than 1%, to $48,62 per barrel, experts say.