Ukraine and the Russian Federation held in Brussels for technical consultations on air transport

KIEV, October 23. Technical consultations on resumption of air service of Ukraine with Russia took place in Brussels today. This was reported by the journalist. in a press-service of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.

“In Brussels held technical consultations of the Ukrainian delegation with the Russian side on air communication between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The position of Russia will be presented by the Ukrainian delegation to the leadership of Ukraine”, – said the press service.

According to the Ministry of infrastructure, the consultations were attended by acting Chairman of the State aviation administration Eduard Demin, Director of UkSATSE says Dmytro babeichuk and Director of the Department of European Union Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vsevolod Chentsov.

In a statement the Ministry says nothing about a new meeting of the parties on Saturday, October 24. The representative of the Ministry in conversation with the correspondent. also unable to clarify this issue.

At the same time, earlier, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said that the first round of negotiations on air traffic between Russia and Ukraine will take place on 24 October in Brussels.

“At the end of these negotiations, let’s see if we can come to those agreements that will not terminate air service”, – he said.

Earlier, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky has said that the air traffic between Ukraine and Russia will be suspended on 25 October, despite planned talks between the parties.