Listing in the US rose 0.9% to 2.3% amid reports the Internet-corporations

Listing in the US rose 0.9% to 2.3% amid reports the Internet-corporations

According to trading, the Dow Jones rose by 0.9%, the NASDAQ was up 2.27%, the index of wide market S&P 500 1.1%.

MOSCOW, 23 Oct. U.S. stock indexes rose on Friday on the back of strong financial reports of Internet companies, according to data exchanges.

The Dow Jones industrial average increased 0.9% to 17646,70 point, high-tech NASDAQ surged 2.27% to 5031,86 points, the index of wide market S&P 500 1.1%, to 2075,15 item.

American Corporation Google in the third quarter jumped 45.2% to 3,979 billion dollars, revenues increased by 13,02% to 18,675 billion.

Net profit IT giant Microsoft Corp. according to US GAAP in the first quarter of 2015/2016 financial year ended 30 September amounted to $ 4,62 billion, an increase of 2% in annual terms. Diluted earnings per share amounted to 0,57 0,54 of the dollar against the dollar for the same period of the previous Vigoda.

Online retailer Amazon reported in the third quarter profit of 79 million dollars against a loss of 437 million a year earlier, sales rose by 23.2% to 25,358 billion.

“This is a good company that has published good reports. They are Grand,” said chief strategist stock markets at Federated Investors Phil Orlando (Orlando Phil), quoted by Bloomberg.

Investors also reacted to news from Asia. The people’s Bank of China on Friday cut the interest rate by 0.25 percentage points to 4.35%. Rate on deposits at the same time reduced by 0.25 points to 1.5%. The changes will take effect on Saturday, October 24. On the same date, the reserve requirements for Chinese banks will be reduced by 0.5 percentage points to maintain an acceptable level of liquidity in the banking system.