The forecast of the MAYOR: wholesale gas prices in 2016 will index by 2%

MOSCOW, 24 Oct. The Ministry of economic development proposes the indexation of wholesale gas prices for all categories of consumers in 2016 at 2%, and in 2017 or 2018 at 3% annually, according to the forecast of socio-economic development, submitted to the Duma together with the budget for 2016.

“Indexation of tariffs for gas transportation through main gas pipelines will be carried out in the same size as that for wholesale natural gas prices. In the forecast period will be changes in the methodology of calculation of tariffs for services on gas transportation through main gas pipelines to more accurately distribute the costs for transportation of gas for export and domestic market,” the document says.

The MAYOR also expects that in 2016 domestic gas prices will be released on the domestic level with the export.