Rogozin: Russia is helping the Syrian people not only arms and shots on IG

MOSCOW, October 25. Russia helps Syria not only weapons and strikes on the terrorist group “Islamic state” (is, formerly ISIS; prohibited in Russia). It is stressed today, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on his page in social network Facebook, commenting on the message about the possible establishment of a focal point for the recovery of the Syrian economy.

“We really do help the Syrian people. And not only weapons and pinpoint strikes on Igielski thugs”, – Rogozin wrote.

Earlier, the leader of Syria Bashar Assad at a meeting with parliamentarians from the Russian Federation stated that on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic should only work Russian companies – including the recovery of all sectors of the economy. “As the President said Syria would ask any Syrian: who needs to rebuild Syria who have to work in Syria’s oil and gas industry? Any Syrian will tell you: only Russian company”, – told today following the meeting with Assad, Senator Dmitry Sablin, who is in Damascus as part of the delegation.