“Sparkling story”: 145 years “Abrau-Durso”

October 25, 1870, Alexander II ordered to form off the coast of the largest on the North-Western Caucasus, Abrau lake private estate “Abrau-Durso” for the purpose of development of agriculture in the South of Russia.

After 21 years, there shall be appointed a Manager of the specific winemaking Prince L. S. Golitsyn and from that moment “Abrau-Durso” starts “sparkling” story. For several years there were built five cellars with a capacity of 10 thousand buckets and in 1897 produced the first batch of 13 thousand bottles of champagne.

At the time, the process of making champagne was completely under the guidance of the French wine makers and champagne made exclusively for the needs of the “yard” and the volume of production was small.

Currently “Abrau-Durso” – the largest Russian manufacturer of sparkling wines, obtained both classic and reservoir method.

Finished goods comprise sparkling wine and champagne with the name “Abrau-Durso” and trademarks “Abrau”, “Victor Dravigny” and “Abrau Light”.

The company also provides travel services on the basis of its own Center of wine tourism.

In addition, “Abrau-Durso” implements the construction of cottage settlements projects Abrau Deluxe Club and Abrau Foresthill, follows from the report of the company.

In 2006 a controlling stake in the plant “Abrau-Durso” was acquired by the group of companies SVL led by Boris Titov, in September 2011 they became the owners of 100% of “Abrau-Durso”. Since April 2012 the company’s shares are traded on the Moscow exchange.