The Russian foreign Ministry: “Quartet” will hold direct contacts with the parties to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

MOSCOW, October 24. Representatives of the middle East Quartet (UN, EU, Russia and USA) in the upcoming period will travel to the region and will hold direct contacts with the parties to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This is stated in the statement adopted on the results on the Russian initiative Ministerial meeting of the Quartet in Vienna. The text of the statement published on the Russian MFA web-site.

The Quartet reiterated its strong commitment to undertake, in coordination with regional and international players efforts to stabilize the situation and to ensure active support for a just, comprehensive and lasting settlement of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict”, – the statement stresses.

“The special representatives of the Quartet in the coming period will visit the region and hold direct contacts with the parties to encourage them to take concrete steps in the spirit of previous agreements, which would demonstrate their real commitment to a two-state solution, – the document says. – The Quartet commends the willingness of the parties to engage constructively with the special representatives”.

According to the statement, the Quartet expressed serious concern at the continuing escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians. The Quartet also “condemns all terrorist manifestations, as well as violent actions against the civilian population”.

The Quartet calls on the parties to the conflict to show restraint

“Stressing the urgent need to restore calm, the Quartet renews its call to exercise maximum restraint and to avoid provocative rhetoric and actions”, – said the representatives of the “Quartet”.

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The Quartet calls upon Israel to cooperate with Jordan in the interests of respecting the status quo of the Holy places in Jerusalem in practical Affairs and statements, while recognizing the special role of Jordan in accordance with Jordanian-Israeli peace Treaty”, – stated in the application.

The meeting also stressed that “Recalling its previous statements and relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, recognizing that only by security measures to break the cycle of violence is impossible, the Quartet has supported the implementation of significant steps, as provided by the already reached agreements on the transition, in the interests of restoring confidence and hope for the viability of negotiating a two-state solution which would resolve all the final status issues, including Jerusalem, and put an end began in 1967 occupation”.