Zyuganov: the current situation requires a substantial increase in the budget

ST. PETERSBURG, October 24. /Corr. Alexander’yansky/. The current situation requires a significant budget increase. This opinion was expressed by 24 October, the leader of the Communist party faction in the State Duma Gennady Zyuganov, speaking in the St. Petersburg press center on the question of new anti-crisis agenda of the party.

“The budget in General skinny, and the situation requires that he was substantially increased, – said Zyuganov. For this we have the opportunity: we have 9.6 trillion rubles hang “suspended” or in foreign banks, or tucked away somewhere. If they effectively use at least a third, we will solve many problems”.

According to Zyuganov, “this budget is “glued” to the old “patterns” and did not respond to any challenge of modern life”. The leader of the Communist party also reported that he was able to read “with preliminary figures, main characteristics,” (project budget). “But three days ago, as I said, they changed a number of fundamental characteristics and supposedly responded to my proposals on agriculture, the military industrial complex, but I need to do this carefully to look at (draft)”.

Earlier, the deputies of the faction of the Communist party also criticized the draft budget for 2016, which was on 23 October the government submitted to the Duma.